For any baseball player, regardless of age or talent level, the ability to get personal training and coaching from a knowledgeable professional is worth its weight in gold. When that training is at a state-of-the-art indoor baseball facility and delivered by a local who really cares and has a track record of delivering results — all the better.

At Rip City Training Center, our team is led by some of the most respected baseball coaches in Southwestern Virginia. With more than three decades of training baseball players of all ages, our instructors understand how to get the most out of every player.

With private baseball training, our focus is to help each player master the fundamentals by providing in-depth analysis. Whether a batter is dropping his hands while swinging, or a pitcher is opening too soon, we can see it, address it, and correct it.

Our indoor practice facility is one of the most well equipped in Southwestern Virginia. The personal attention of a pro-level coach and access to cutting-edge technology gives both players and parents the proof needed to see measurable RESULTS. Rounding out the program, we also offer strength, flexibility, and power training.

In 23+ years, we’ve helped thousands of baseball players of all ages improve their hitting, pitching, catching, and fielding skills, baserunning, and the mental game.

Find out more about our hourly rates and packages by contacting us now via the button below. We can’t wait to get started.