1. place is super affordable

    Facility was clean with plenty of space to use all the stations, staff was very friendly. Other customers were great to be around and share cages with, place is super affordable to take a group to and use.

    Joshua Newman
  2. she loves some RipCity

    We walked into this place as a young “Rec” softball team full of welcome then a Travel-Team as the very 1st night Jennifer got a loose cannon from one of my wild but wonderful gals and thought we’d never be invited back but instead Jennifer called me back the next day to apologize for having to leave us so she could go get some stitches for that lip as I was the one thinking of what to say when I called to pay for the expenses which Dave and Jennifer refused. Now it’s like home away from home as my daughter enjoys taking her friends there to not just practice but to workout as she’s 11 and curious about building muscle like she sees the big gals. They help us find ways to build stronger teams and fund them as well with hit-A-Thons off the Hit-Trax that diagnose what’s going on with that ball speed, bat speed and trajectory and much more. Love that place as they treat people like everyone should and it’s not about the money as heck they save me money big time and just like family to my Zoey as she loves some RipCity “Ron” who coached her to a homerun the next week after coming in down in the dumps with not hit a ball in travel all fall.

    Ryan Mason