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How Our Little Sluggers Program Boosts Your Child's Confidence

Give Your Child That Athletic Confidence With Rip City Training

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Have you watched your little one develop a great deal of interest in playing softball and baseball but haven’t had time to train them? Even if you had time, your child deserves to have proper coaching and well-equipped play areas to properly polish his or her athletic skills and boost confidence by playing with other children.

At Rip City Training, we offer the latest technologies at our premium softball training facility that will help your child explore their sports skills and build their confidence.

Learn the Value of Teamwork While Building Friendships

Getting your child involved in sports is an excellent way for them to understand the value of teamwork. Children who develop skills at collaboration tend to have a better professional life in the longer run. At our Little Sluggers Program, we make sure children work as teams and learn the art of making friends.


Even the Most Successful People Deal With Failure

Losers quit when they fail. Winners fail until they succeed. We incorporate this ideology in the kids learning from us. We ensure that failure is never taken as a setback; instead, it is used to encourage them to keep trying next time!

Improves Attention Span and Focus

Young developing minds have so much going on that they tend to have shorter attention spans. Indulging in sports like baseball/softball helps to develop their focusing skills towards one main goal.


Develop and Fine-Tune Athletic Skills Every Saturday 9–10

Our Little Sluggers program is designed to help your child focus on developing and fine-tuning their athletic skills. Our session meets every Saturday from 9am to 10am. Enroll your children in our program today and watch them build their baseball/softball skills with the best training and technology!

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Ready to get your child training with the best? Find out more about our Little Sluggers Program and help your child hone in on their baseball/softball skills with Rip City Training!

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